In 1999, the biotechnology industry was taking off new small molecule and molecular biology and genomics discoveries. Cortex Search Inc. was founded and positioned itself perfectly to effectively partner with emerging companies.

Created and still driven by Dr. Michael Kalchman, a PhD geneticist, Cortex has a deep and thorough understanding of the technologies that drive the discovery and development of therapeutic molecules and treatments across indications.

Dr. Kalchman focuses his search mandates with client that are immersed in discovery, pre-clinical and/or early clinical development.

The scientific background of Dr. Kalchman is deep and respected. He has a world wide patent on molecular aspects of Huntington Disease, and is an author on more than ten peer related publications, including in tier-one journals such as Nature, Nature Genetics and Journal of Biological Chemistry.

To contact Dr. Kalchman, please call 416.705.5881.