Advantages of Working with a PhD Geneticist as a Search Partner

I attained my PhD in Genetics at the University of British Columbia, at Vancouver, Canada.  My work was focused on molecular biology, biochemistry, cellular biology and other molecular sciences toward understanding Huntington Disease.

The research I did allowed me to  gain an expert level understanding of scientific fundamentals of biology, chemistry, immunology, and other relevant aspects and technologies involved in modern day drug discovery and development.

I have and understand the scientific lexicon to efficiently work with clients and candidates.  As a result, I can read, interpret and communicate the contents of a resume with a deep level of understanding.

Clients I have worked with in the past 15 years see this in so far as when I do present a candidate’s credentials for a specific role, they know that I have reviewed the information in the resume, and spoken with the candidate to validate and assess their credentials and suitability for the role within the organization.

Candidates can feel easy in speaking with me about their experience, technology and career goals, without trying to re-word or present their information in “lay terms”.

In future posts, I will expand on specific recruiting projects I have worked on and how a scientific understanding is incredibly important in working within the biotech industry as a recruitment consultant.